Vultr Pricing


You can create a cloud server in 60 seconds at four continents. Vultr pricing plans start at only $5 per month for 1 CPU, 768MB of RAM, 15GB SSD, 1TB Transfer and available in 14 cities worldwide.

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1. Vultr Compute Instances (VCI) Pricing

100% SSD Server Plans Available in 14 Cities Worldwide

CPU Memory SATA Storage Transfer Monthly Order
1 768 MB 15GB SSD Disk 1.00 TB * $5 Deploy Now
1 1024 MB 20GB SSD Disk 2.00 TB * $10 Deploy Now
2 2048 MB 45GB SSD Disk 3.00 TB * $20 Deploy Now
4 4096 MB 90GB SSD Disk 4.00 TB * $40 Deploy Now

* Bandwidth utilization in excess of instance allocation is charged at $0.02 per GB in North American and Western European locations. Due to higher regional costs, Singapore and Tokyo (Japan) overage is priced at $0.05 per GB and Sydney (Australia) overage is priced at $0.10 per GB.

2. Vultr Local Storage (VLS) Pricing

The Vultr Local Storage (VLS) plans make it simple to deploy a massive storage server in the cloud. Utilizing a local SATA backend integrated with SSD caching to boost performance, VLS instances make a great choice for a wide range of write and read intensive applications with large storage needs.

Vultr Storage plans currently available in New Jersey, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, and Tokyo.

CPU Memory SATA Storage Transfer Monthly Order
1 512 MB 125 GB SATA 1.00 TB * $5 Deploy Now
1 1024 MB 250 GB SATA 2.00 TB * $10 Deploy Now
1 2048 MB 500 GB SATA 3.00 TB * $20 Deploy Now
2 3072 MB 750 GB SATA 4.00 TB * $30 Deploy Now
2 4096 MB 1000 GB SATA 5.00 TB * $40 Deploy Now

3. Vultr Dedicated Cloud (VDC) Pricing

VDC offers dedicated resources with cloud flexibility. With VDC product line, you’ll never share resources with another customer.

Dedicated Cloud Instances offer resources allocated to you with no noisy neighbors. You can rent 25%, 50%, 75%, or an entire dedicated server with the advantages of the Vultr Platform including hourly billing and fast provisioning.

Dedicated SSD’s
Choose a plan with up to 4 x Enterprise SSD’s. Your disks will never be shared by anyone else. Need RAID? Choose 2 or more disks and setup your own RAID configuration!

Dedicated vCPU’s
Choose up to 8 dedicated vCPU’s. Never share a CPU again.

Network Connectivity
Each instance has 1GbE uplink with up to 40,000GB of data transfer!

Deploy Fast
Deploy our blazing fast dedicated cloud resources in under a minute.

CPU Memory Storage Transfer Monthly Order
2 8192 MB 120 GB SSD 10 TB * $60 Deploy Now
4 16384 MB 2 x 120 GB SSD 20 TB * $120 Deploy Now
6 24576 MB 3 x 120 GB SSD 30 TB * $180 Deploy Now
8 32768 MB 4 x 120 GB SSD 40 TB * $240 Deploy Now