Vultr Speed Test

3.4 / 5 ( 7 votes ) offers a quality low latency experience by using 10 Gigabit Redundant Network. With 14 datacenters around the globe, you can deploy the one closest to your customers and have lightning speed. To test Vultr download speed, choose the one closest to you. Location Hostname Download Test File (Asia) Tokyo, … Read more Vultr Speed Test

Enable Private Network on Existing Vultr Server

3.4 / 5 ( 9 votes ) Vultr offers private networking in all datacenter regions. All new servers deployed have the option of using private networking; it can be enabled by choosing the checkbox called “Enable Private Network” in the Optional Features section of the Deploy page. If you already have a server that does not have private networking enabled, you … Read more Enable Private Network on Existing Vultr Server

How to Create a VPS on Vultr?

3.7 / 5 ( 3 votes ) Deploy an instance (or a VPS) is pretty easy. First, create an account at Vultr. Simply enter your email address and password. Once done, login to your account and click Deploy tab! Step 1 – Choose Server Type Step 2 – Choose Location Step 3 – Choose Operating System Step 4 – Choose Server Size … Read more How to Create a VPS on Vultr?