Vultr Speed Test

Vultr Speed Test
3.4 (68.57%) 7 votes offers a quality low latency experience by using 10 Gigabit Redundant Network. With 14 datacenters around the globe, you can deploy the one closest to your customers and have lightning speed.

Vultr Locations

To test Vultr download speed, choose the one closest to you.

LocationHostnameDownload Test File
(Asia) Tokyo, Japanhnd-jp-ping.vultr.com100Mb1000Mb
(AU) Sydney, Australiasyd-au-ping.vultr.com100Mb1000Mb
(EU) Frankfurt, DEfra-de-ping.vultr.com100Mb1000Mb
(EU) Amsterdam, NLams-nl-ping.vultr.com100Mb1000Mb
(EU) Paris, Francepar-fr-ping.vultr.com100Mb1000Mb
(EU) London, UKlon-gb-ping.vultr.com100Mb1000Mb
Seattle, Washingtonwa-us-ping.vultr.com100Mb1000Mb
Silicon Valley, Californiasjo-ca-us-ping.vultr.com100Mb1000Mb
Los Angeles, Californialax-ca-us-ping.vultr.com100Mb1000Mb
Chicago, Illinoisil-us-ping.vultr.com100Mb1000Mb
New York / New Jerseynj-us-ping.vultr.com100Mb1000Mb
Dallas, Texastx-us-ping.vultr.com100Mb1000Mb
Atlanta, Georgiaga-us-ping.vultr.com100Mb1000Mb
Miami, Floridafl-us-ping.vultr.com100Mb1000Mb

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