Enable Private Network on Existing Vultr Server


Vultr offers private networking in all datacenter regions. All new servers deployed have the option of using private networking; it can be enabled by choosing the checkbox called “Enable Private Network” in the Optional Features section of the Deploy page. If you already have a server that does not have private networking enabled, you can follow below steps, which covers how to enable private networking on existing server.

1. Enable Private Network on Existing Vultr Server

– In your server management page, click IPv4 tab and then Enable Private Network button.

Vultr Enable Private Network

Your server will then incorporate the new private networking features.

2. Manually Configure Private Networking

You should now be logged into your server. The steps that follow will be dependent on which OS you are running. Follow the appropriate steps.

Note: replace ‘’ in the examples with your IP


Replace /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth1 with the following:



In /etc/network/interfaces add the following lines:

auto eth1
iface eth1 inet static
 mtu 1450


In /etc/rc.conf add the following line:

ifconfig_vtnet1="inet netmask"


Note: Windows may choose a different name for your private interface, make sure you check before trying with “Ethernet 2”

netsh interface ip set address name="Ethernet 2" static 1

3. Test the Configuration

Finally, restart your server and test the configuration by typing the following from another server in the same data center with private networking enabled:

ping private_ip

You should not receive any errors if you configured everything correctly.

Vultr Private Network:

  • Private network traffic is unmetered
  • Private networks are per-location (for example, a machine in New Jersey cannot communicate with a machine in Chicago)
  • Private networks only have your machines. You cannot communicate with other customer’s machines
  • You will need to manually configure your private network connection
  • You can use any IPs you like on the private network. Vultr assigns one IP by default, but you can ignore it and use other ones if you like.

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